WordPress Text Effects

This simple tool allows you to add animation effects to your WordPress text content easily by using shortcodes.

IDEAS: Spice up your header texts, create irresistible call to action links, do whatever you want now with WordPress Text Effects plugin.

Check out the video below to see some of the effects in action.

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Note: All the effects shown in the video are created by using WordPress Text Effects plugin but the video does not include all of the available effects.

What is a shortcode?

WordPress uses a technique called shortcodes to allow inserting special content to your posts in a simple manner. In other words shortcodes are a shortcuts for more complicated content.

You use shortcodes by typing the shortcode name in square bracket tags and the desired content between them. Let's see an example.

Imagine you have installed WordPress Text Effects Plugin and have now access to all the awesome shortcodes it provides. You want to insert a blinking text to your content and you type:


Now, when a visitor enters your page WordPress processes the shortcode and automatically inserts the special content, in this case a nice blinking greeting.

Plugin Features

The WordPress Text Effects plugin contains basic HTML text effects plus throws in multiple more modern animated CSS3 + Javascript FX tricks.

Feature Effect
Blink Blinking text.
Marquee Horizontally scrolling text
Code Programming code
Rainbow Color rotating text
Disco Characters change color independently
Wave Waving text
Spin Spins letters on Y-axis
Zoom Zooms one letter at time
Pulsate Pumps the size of the whole text in and out.
Spell Characters zoom in a smoothly manner from left to right until the whole text is enlarged. Then resets.
Rotate Letters turning around on Z-axis
Type Type-writer effect
Crazy Letters change size randomly
Mock The letters are mOckED

Screenshot From WordPress Control Panel

Your WordPress admin control panel contains usage instructions and animated examples of all the effects.

WordPress Text Effects

Get the Plugin

The plugin is available via Creative Market. After purchasing the plugin you are eligible for life-time updates and free customer support.

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It's time to get your hands on these cool animations right now.

Download Free Or Premium
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The full set of cool animations is waiting for you! Just follow these three simple steps:

1) Create Account at Creative Market

To get your hands on the features first create a free account at Creative Market marketplace here.

When you have the account you are free to make purchases on wide range of various digital goods in their market and receive update notifications.

2) Download The Plugin

Next head on to WordPress Text FX download page to get a zip archive containing the plugin.

3) Install and Activate

Go into your control panel and choose Plugins → Add new plugin → Upload the zip file. After the upload has completed activate the plugin via plugins list.

You can also extract the zip file and move the contained folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory. After that activate the plugin as usual.

After you have purchased the plugin and gained access to the plethora of awesome text effects, you will also get life-time updates and free customer support!

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Requests New Features

This plugin is under active development. If you have a burning desire for some cool text effect that is not currently featured in the latest version, just drop a comment here.

It is most likely that the feature you wish for will be included in the future releases.

Use The Force...

Text effects are a great way to highlight the critical points in your web content. However, if you over-use them your readers will most likely get fed up.

Note: This plugin is a powerful tool, so use it with moderation.

😎 Let there be some style!

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