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Text Effects

This simple tool empowers you to add wild animation effects to your WordPress text content easily by using shortcodes.


Check out the video below to see some of the compelling effects in action. You can also visit Retro WordPress Theme's site which makes a heavy use (and abuse 😉) of many of the premium effects.

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Customer Review

Here is an exclusive customer review from Creative Market.

"I bought this plugin because I really wanted a retro unique style to my site. I've always loved 90s websites, GIFs, blinking text, etc. But it's so hard to find these days. You've done a great job on these retro touches. It works very well on my WordPress site. I love it! Thanks!"


– Josh Head

After you have purchased this plugin I would be pleased if you wrote a review too! Now, move to the demonstration video.

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Demonstration Video

All the effects shown in the video are created by using WordPress Text Effects plugin but the video includes only a part of the sexy selection of all effects available for you.

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What is a shortcode?

WordPress uses a technique called shortcodes to allow inserting special content to your posts in a simple manner. In other words shortcodes are a shortcuts for more complicated content.

You use shortcodes by typing the shortcode name in square bracket tags and the desired content between them. Let's see an example.

Imagine you have installed WordPress Text Effects Plugin and have now access to all the awesome shortcodes it provides. You want to insert a blinking text to your content. You type:


Now, when a visitor enters your page WordPress processes the shortcode and automatically inserts the special content – in this case a nice blinking greeting.

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Plugin Features

The WordPress Text Effects plugin contains the classical HTML text effects plus variety of exclusive more scripted CSS3 + Javascript FX tricks – guaranteed to give your design an unique glimmer.

FX # Shortcode Effect
1. [blink] Blinking text.
2. [marquee] Horizontally scrolling text
3. [code] Programming code
4. [rainbow] Color rotating text
5. [disco] Characters change color independently
6. [wave] Waving text
7. [spin] Spins letters on Y-axis
8. [zoom] Zooms one letter at time
9. [pulsate] Pumps the size of the whole text in and out.
10. [spell] Characters zoom in a smoothly manner from left to right until the whole text is enlarged. Then resets.
11. [rotate] Letters turning around on Z-axis
12. [type] Type-writer effect
13. [crazy] Letters change size randomly
14. [mock] The letters are all mOckED up!

NOTE: If you miss an effect not already included in this plugin take a look at Feature Requests section.

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Feature Requests

This plugin is under active development. If you have a burning desire for some cool text effect that is not currently featured in the latest version, just drop a comment here.

Pic provided by itim2101 @

It is most likely that the feature you wish for will be included in the future releases. Please move on to screenshot.

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WordPress Text Effects

You can find this list any time in plugin settings. It will become a familiar and handy cheat-sheet for your active use. Now, please move on to installing instructions.

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How to Download & Install

Follow these simple steps to download and install the WordPress Text Effects plugin™ and get access to the awesome shortcodes.

Buy and Download WordPress Text FX

1. Create a Free Shop Account

First create a free account at Creative Market here. In addition to WordPress plugins, with the account you are free to purchase also a wide range of other digital goods such as themes, fonts, and icons.

2. Download The Plugin

Head on to WordPress Text FX™ download page to get the zip archive containing the plugin.

3. Install and Activate

Go to WordPress control panel and choose Plugins → Add new plugin → Upload the zip file. OR if you prefer manual installation, extract the zip file and move the contained folder to your wp-content/plugins/ directory.

After uploading activate the plugin via the plugins page.

4. Use and Enjoy

Take advantage of the text effect shortcodes, life-time updates and free customer support. You are now part of the pleased group of WordPress Text Fx Shortcodes plugin users. 👍

Now, proceed to download.

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Download the Plugin

Buy Text Effect Shortcodes Plugin For WordPress

The plugin is available via Creative Market. As you have purchased the plugin you are also eligible for life-time updates and free customer support.

Take advantage of the LIMITED CORONA TIME DISCOUNT and get the plugin now for a single-time fee of $23 only! 👍

Get your hands on these compelling WordPress text animations. Proceed to Creative Market to download.

Current latest version v2.0.4.

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